Q&A with SiteTuners Business Development VP Martin Greif

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The SiteTuners staff recently caught up with Martin Greif, the new V.P. for Business Development of  the company. Martin talked about the importance of setting your sights on the right goals, and picking the right partners.

SiteTuners: What excites you about conversion rate optimization? 

Martin Greif: For me, it's always been about the results.  From direct response rates to sales close rates to website conversion rates. The web is a perfect environment for anyone who has a compulsive need to track results like I do.

ST: As a company founder yourself, have you found conversion rate optimization to be a big part of driving business online?

MG: Most people think about traffic and forget about conversions.  They worry about impressions, click through rates and traffic, but completely miss the point of conversions.  While it's great to have visitors to your site, it's even more important to make sure that they can accomplish something that is good for them and for the website.  This is why conversion rates are so important a metric.

ST: You’ve been a player in the tech industry for some time. What do you feel are the main challenges digital businesses face, and what does SiteTuners bring in to the equation? 

MG: Because the web is such a fast-paced environment, business must constantly adapt to changing situations.  SiteTuners is uniquely positioned to help organizations make sure that their website supports their organization's strategic goals with an array of services focused on customer success.  

ST: Do you see conversion rate optimization as something that should live in-house for most companies, or are they better off getting a vendor most of the time?

MG: While all organizations need to develop a conversion rate optimization mind set, not all need to bring it in house.  SiteTuners customer base spans the range from small organizations to large corporations, some have in house teams and some don't.  In all cases SiteTuners can bring both value to the equation and an outside perspective.  

ST:  For businesses with no brick and mortar offline presence, what are the key considerations when looking for a service vendor for things like landing page optimization?

MG: It all comes down to picking a partner that listens and is willing to learn your business.  That was one of the things that attracted me to SiteTuners.