Podcast: Web Analytics for More Effective Online Marketing with Avinash Kaushik

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In this episode of LPO, SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash chats with Avinash Kaushik, author of “Web Analytics an Hour a Day,” and owner of the popular blog, Occam’s Razor, about the role of web analytics in the marketing and optimization space. Avinash shares that there’s an antiquated view of analytics still being tossed around in the space, and that there’s a lot more going on than reviewing reports. He provides a model for the types of data being utilized, with clickstream tools answering questions like “what” and “how much,” voice of customer tools and testing tools answering the “why” and business intelligence tools answering the “what else.”

Tim and Avinash spar a bit on testing methodology and validity of data for sequence experiments. They talk about some of the tools available on the market like ClickTale, ClickTracks, and Crazy Egg, and how aggregate overlay data can create a new breed of insights that were not possible to observe only a few years ago. They discuss the difficulty in separating signal and noise for playback sessions, and talk about the conversion lifts possible through very basic actions like icon use.

The two tackle the best way to get companies started on tests, and what it takes to establish a mentality of testing within different organizations. Avinash talks about how his affinity for rock climbing helps him disconnect every now and again.

First Air Date: June 15, 2009

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