Podcast: War Between Sales and Marketing with Jeanne Hopkins

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In this episode of LPO, SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash discusses the animosity between marketing and sales with Jeanne Hopkins, EVP and CMO of SmartBear Software. Jeanne discusses how sales typically has a number on their heads, and how marketing should as well. Tim and Jeanne discuss the marketing process of getting leads, and how there can be a disconnect between what marketing does, which is try to boost the number of leads, and what sales wants, which is get fewer but higher quality leads.

The two talk about the lead generation process, and how not everyone who visits a webinar is a prospect - the conversion ceiling is not 100 percent. Half of the visitors may just be fans, and just because someone gave their email address on GoToWebinar doesn’t mean that person wants to talk to you. Jeanne discusses that good marketers understand the sales process - that they can work backwards from revenue to analyze how many leads it takes to get a Marketing Qualified Lead or MQL, how many MQLs it takes to get a sales accepted lead, and how many sales accepted leads it takes to hit sales targets.

The two take listeners through best practices for CTAs, appending data, and never asking something from customers that you already know. Tim discusses the dangers of attaching a number to the marketing department’s head, like the “greedy marketer syndrome,” where marketers will try and squeeze leads to the bottom of the funnel, potentially damaging the company’s reputation. Tim and Jeanne discuss forms and optimal form fields, as well as the number of leads sales can process, and Jeanne even talks about sharing a limo with a very sweaty Rodney Dangerfield.

First Air Date: July 8, 2013

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