Podcast: Video Conversion Secrets with John Cecil

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SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash chats with John Cecil, CEO of Oculu and Innovate Media, on video conversions. The two go through the best use cases for the different video delivery methods, and the pros and cons of embedding videos on the page, using a lightbox, and using an overlay on the landing page. They also sift through the factors that make each of those work, like making overlay videos shorter.

John goes through the technology shift in video, what that means for landing pages that embed videos on a page, and some of the disadvantages of YouTube as a video player on your site. Tim and John tackle best practices on both production and delivery, including user-initiated versus auto-play videos, the use of graphics versus people, male versus female actors, and in-house actors versus hired, professional actors. 

They talk about when videos are best displayed, and how far down the checkout process they work best. Tim and John touch on the big drop-off at the one minute mark for online videos, and which items can be tested to optimize conversion.

John also talks about the 10 popular waves in the world and his passion for surfing.

First Air Date: May 14, 2012

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