Podcast: The Intersection of Technology and Marketing with Kate O’Neill

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In this episode of LPO, SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash chats with MetaMarketer founder Kate O’Neill about psychographics, demographics, and web testing. Kate shares that marketing is going back to being a disciplined, data-driven craft as opposed to being run at the creatives side. She discusses insights about the procedural approach to businesses - about the discovery stage MetaMarketer typically undertakes when they have new clients, then running a hypothesis that can be tested by data around that space. 

Kate and Tim discuss how personas are typically not as useful as psychographics and demographics for learning more about a given market. They talk about how audience segmentation must be rooted in data so it can be measurable - from a hypothesis about behavior for certain keywords, to a guess about commonalities between locations. They discuss that companies will benefit from a cycle of experiments, with results indicating what they thought they knew, what they know after the experiments, and what they don't know after, which can begin the next set of tests.

Kate tackles how companies can get started on the data-driven culture, and why fluid, agile companies are likely to win. She goes through a set of technologies for the craft, and talks briefly about the rules for food when you're a raw vegan.

First Air Date: July 25, 2011

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