Podcast: Surpising Split Test Results with Anne Holland

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Tune is as SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash talks to WhichTestWon.com publisher Anne Holland about shocking test results and web design and copywriting best practices.

Anne discusses the nature of the web site. Every week, WhichTestWon.com publishes A/B tests conducted by marketers around the world. The audience can vote for one of the two creative versions which they think won, then see the real-life results. Anne jokes that it's like a video game for marketers, but at the same time, it makes people realize the importance of testing as results sometimes go against the gut-feel of marketers. Users of the site also engage in meaning-making and discuss why they think a certain version won. 

Tim asks Anne to identify shocking results she's seen, and she talks about three tests:

1. A form with a fine print of the privacy policy increasing opt-in from teenagers by 19%. Anne was surprised that teenagers cared about the privacy policy.
2. In an overlay test, the form with the smaller image won.
3. An e-mail opt-in form that indicated the number of readers lost to the version without social proof. 

Tim and Anne also talk about best practices or things that win everytime they're tested. Anne discusses using a compelling headline, making buttons bigger, and removing the "Delete" or "Reset" button on forms. The two then talk more about buttons - using the button color that stands out from the rest of the page, prioritizing for the customer by using a hero button, and using words that work on the button. 

The two also discuss visual prominence on the page  and looking at where people are clicking. They observe that people often click on things that do not lead anywhere, hence the importance of removing anything that does not support the call-to-action or is not designed to increase conversions. 

Tim and Anne also cover the psychology of copywriting, matching user intent, and Anne's publication on medical marijuana.  

First Air Date: July 11, 2011

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