Podcast: Strategic Conversion Mistakes with Larry Marine

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In this episode of LPO, SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash chats with long time pal and head of Intuitive Design Larry Marine about the nooks and crannies of usability and conversion. Larry talks about how most companies typically go for the 2-5% increases in conversion and profits with small, tactical changes, but how almost none benefit from large, strategic changes which can result in 12-20% lifts. He shares how that "tactical" mindset is flawed for many problems, indicating that if you make improvements to the wrong solution, all you'll get is a better wrong solution.

Tim and Larry discuss the AIDA model - the attention, interest, desire and action stages in the sales funnel. The two walk through what the visitor's mindset is likely to be in those stages, and how one of the biggest common mistakes companies make is try to sell to visitors in one step, without thinking about what visitors need in the different stages. Larry talks about how companies really need to think about what the visitors know, what the visitors need to know in order to succeed, and how the visitor can be educated, so he or she will be successful in the task at hand.

The two dissect what a web site visit consists of, from mental models and pain points to the actual clicks, and how thinking about what the user thinks about results to better categorization for the site, and a superior user experience for the visitor. Larry gives and example about a flower shop that doesn't arrange by types of flowers, but by occasion, as that's what people mentally arrange things by. Tim and Larry expand on how research about mental models, and they even manage to talk about Larry's passion for biking.

First Air Date: August 1, 2011

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