Podcast: Small Business Conversion with Jenny Halasz

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SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash talks to Archology president Jenny Halasz about web site goals for small businesses, the digital marketing tasks that tend to need the most help, and why identifying what the web site is there for may be the first challenge for smaller companies.

Tim and Jenny chat about where CRO and LPO fall into the small business marketing mix, and the top things people do wrong when setting up the web site - such as not knowing what the site is for, not giving people something to do on the web site, and not making it easy to do certain things.

Jenny goes through the stages of the buying cycle and how there's typically a mismatch between what companies want people to do, and what visitors want to do on sites.

The two of them cover valid conversion goals, and talk about Jenny's fascination with video games like Plants versus Zombies.

First Air Date: February 4, 2013

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