Podcast: Running Effective Click-To-Call Campaigns with Jason Wells

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SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash discusses the importance of closing the loop for phone calls with LOGMyCalls CEO Jason Wells. Jason talks about the types of call lifts achieved by doing simple things like adding the number to the body. Tim and Jason talk about how to get the complete view of the online purchasing process when phone calls are used, and discuss options like session tracking, unique numbers for certain URLs, and the advantages of getting full visibility into the process.

The two discuss the advantages and disadvantages of inbound and outbound marketing, and how the close rates are typically higher for inbound but you usually have higher price points and control for outbound. They also cover the most important things for phone calls, like asking for the business, listening to the customer, and addressing objections.

Jason talks a little bit about joining Ironman, and how just finishing is an accomplishment. He and Tim discuss the technology, and what speech recognition software can tie into, like customer relationship management systems bidding tools, and marketing automation processes, as well as how the different types of integrations can help push conversions higher.

First Air Date: February 25, 2013

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