Podcast: POS and Curbing Customer Anxiety with Neil Patel

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In this episode of Landing Page Optimization, SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash talks to serial entrepreneur Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, about uncovering conversion problems, visualizing how customers engage with a website, tracking conversions, and creating trust online. 

Neil talks about Crazy Egg, how it came about, and what they do as a company. He says Crazy Egg was founded as a response to the lack of solutions that show how people are interacting with websites. It helps visualize how people engage with a website through heatmaps, mouse movements, and clicks. It shows the hot spots, cold spots, and parts of a website that people are interacting with but marketers do not consider, such as an image that's not linked to anything but getting a considerable amount of clicks. The solution is used on each individual page that can be tested so that design changes can be made and the page re-tested. Crazy Egg can also be used to test form fields, track drop-offs, and identify if content is being read and calls-to-action getting clicked. 

KISSmetrics, on the other hand, is a solution that specializes in conversion tracking. It helps track conversion rate more accurately than other solutions as it focuses on people visiting the site, rather than page views or visits. The company recognizes that there isn't just one way customers convert, so KISSmetrics helps create funnels on the fly and parses data differently. It can show exactly how many people went through the same funnel and how many people skipped a step, just entered in and converted as well. It also identifies which traffic sources are causing the first conversion that are upsold later on. It ages information so it makes it easier to track if things happen later downstream. 

Tim and Neil discuss common site design mistakes. Neil shares that it's a mistake to copy the design of big websites just because they're successful. He says there are differences between big brands and obscure brands that must be considered, such as people's trust and willingness to transact with the websites. Neil says that smaller unknown brands should aim to design sites which are not just as good as those of the bigger brands, but better. 

Tim also asks Neil for other things which are getting clicked on when they shouldn't, pointers on creating trust, his obssession with Taco Bell, and his passion for counting and measuring things.

First Air Date: November 1, 2010

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