Podcast: Modern Content Management Systems with Oli Gardner

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In this episode of LPO, SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash discusses tests and content management systems with Unbounce founder Oli Gardner. Oli talks about how tests tend to settle arguments within organizations. He delves into the different reasons organizations should go into either split tests or multi-variant tests, and notes that A/B might be more ideal for most companies because of the lower traffic requirements and the simpler analysis.

Tim and Oli discuss the different approaches to hosting and serving tests, and talk about the advantage of having everything ready on the server without the need for conditional intercepts required by some test mechanisms. They discuss the importance of load speed, and talk about the rise of mobile devices and what that means for web design and optimization.

Oli shares details about Unbounce’s testing technology, and how tools like Unbounce are starting to get marketers the things they need to do their work without relying too much on IT. Oli also talks about his wildlife photography, and how a bison nearly demolished him once.

First Air Date: October 18, 2010

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