Podcast: Intersection of PPC and Conversion with Robert Brady

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In this episode of Landing Page Optimization, SiteTuners CEO and Conversion Conference Chair Tim Ash talks to Robert Brady, Director of PPC and Conversion at Trafficado, about the integration of pay-per-click campaigns, landing page design, and conversion. Robert talks about what his company does and what made him recognize that PPC and conversion cannot be two separate activities. He talks about the disconnect that occurs when a third partry agency brings in good traffic to a poorly designed landing page, and how the agency ultimately bears the brunt when this happens.

Tim and Robert also discuss the challenges a third party agency faces when dealing with in-house teams, specifically the IT department. Robert shares that agencies do not get prioritized by IT because the latter usually does not get recognition for well-designed landing pages that convert. He talks about coping strategies such as involving the IT team very early in process, understanding IT's contraints, ensuring the project is allocated enough IT time, and having a point of contact in the IT department. Robert also stresses the importance of applauding in-house teams who contribute to the success of a project.

The two then cover how specialized landing pages should be. They talk about making the landing page relevant to what the user is searching for. Robert says this can be done by using dynamic variables in the URL and making the ad copy messaging similar to the landing page. He talks about how the continuity puts the visitor at ease. He says that this is an advantage of paid search as there's more insight to the user's intent, as you know what they searched for and which ad copy they saw, which allows the agency to serve a more relevant, much more custom experience. Tim mentions that language matters and that marketers should speak as a person and use words the customers are using. 

Tim also asks Robert to talk about his thoughts on quality versus quantity in traffic acquisition, specific tactics in increasing conversions in PPC campaigns, and Robert's agrarian past. 

First Air Date: May 13, 2013

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