Podcast: Inbound Marketing with Mike Volpe

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SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash chats with Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot, about customer relationship management systems, inbound and content marketing, and the evolution of marketing as a craft. Mike talks about the different touchpoints that a potential customer has today - landing pages, blogs, social media, email, mobile - and how information gathered about those different fronts present new opportunities. Tim and Mike talk about the problem that HubSpot is trying to solve, like making it easier for marketing departments to do things because the data is in one place, or performing new actions like sending a specific type of email to all commenters on social media.

Mike explores how marketing has fundamentally changed, and how inbound marketing - getting people to come to a presence you manage, as opposed to cold-calling, advertising , and other ways of paying for visibility - solves a lot of problems. He discusses the key questions companies of all sizes must ask, like who the potential customers are, what types of information they are looking for, and what it takes to have the right kind of information that's useful for the potential customers. The two reflect on how that last step is something a lot of companies ignore. 

Tim and Mike discuss the right information required to assess leads, which basically boils down to demographics and engagement. Mike walks through the process of targeting different segments and setting up rules so the probability of closing a sale can be matched with the expense of getting in touch with the prospect. He and Tim also walk through the concept of using content multiple times across different channels, or updating content so it's available to more people on the same channel over time. The two also go through Mike's propensity to dig things up from beneath the sea.

First Air Date: July 18, 2011

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