Podcast: Conversion Rate Optimization with James Niehaus

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SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash chats with James Niehaus, Director of Optimization and Web Analytics at Symantec, about creating or fostering an effective culture of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). The two take listeners through the pitfalls of teams tackling conversion, good departments to partner up with at the nascent stages, and the benefits of executing tests rapidly.

James talks about the young field of CRO, and why that typically means other departments can view in-house and third party conversion teams as sources of extra work, extra complexity, and a loss of control. Tim and James take listeners through strategies to counter those assumptions, like executing quickly and and helping teams achieve their goals. The two relay the importance of having a "hook," a story that does not just talk about the wins for the company, but helps leadership and teams like marketing and IT have skin in the game.

They discuss the mileage companies get even out of tests that fail to improve on conversion for particular landing pages, and the virtues of acting as enablers rather than gurus. James goes through the most salient tips he can give to conversion teams for the first 90 days, including determining how tests can be done and who needs to be involved, knowing how to sell the results of the tests to leadership, and getting down and dirty - learning how marketing, QA, IT and other teams function.

James also talks about going to the extreme for marketing, at one point personalizing thousands of marketing collaterals by himself.

First Air Date: March 5, 2012

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