Podcast: Analyzing Analytics with Bill Bruno

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SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash chats with Bill Bruno, CEO of Stratigent, on analytics. The two go through the different types of metrics available, and the importance of implementing things like multi-channel attribution. The two walk through the advantages of traditional, real-time, and predictive web analytics. They discuss how online data can lead to offline conversions, and how business processes can collect data from offline report it back into digital analytics.

Bill takes us through the mindset of people who go through reports, from those who just sift through data to those who ask deep-dive additional questions, and provides tips in cultivating a data-driven culture. Tim and Bill discuss the importance of a focused approach to Key Performance Indicators, (KPIs) refining goals, and getting insights and actionable information rather than just data.

The two discuss the importance of customizing the approach to the business, including starting small so that targeting and testing will not seem like daunting tasks. They tackle winning buy-in from executive teams. They go through the most common difficulties in instituting an effective analytics drive within organizations, like resource constraints, lack of confidence in the data, and getting different, typically siloed teams to work with other departments.

Bill also talks about his baseball aspirations, and a range of reasons to visit Chicago.

First Air Date: April 9, 2012

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