Optimize Phone Calls and Close More Sales

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There are no two ways about it – for people who are willing to pick up the phone and call you, (or use the Click to Call button) the sale is more imminent. More people may be willing to complete a light form, but nothing displays emotional investment to a purchase quite like a call. For mobile-landing pages, it’s even more mission-critical - 62% of mobile-related searches result in a phone call.

That having been said, just having your number on the Contact Us page somewhere isn’t going to cut it. You need a plan that spans optimizing how the number is displayed on the site for different tasks, a strategy for the calls themselves, and an analysis approach to your call success metrics.

Driving More Calls 

During the Conversion Smackdown webinar, LogMyCalls CEO Jason Wells shared ways to drive more calls:

  • Place phone numbers in prominent places.
  • Use local numbers for local businesses. 
  • Use toll free numbers for DRTV, B2B, national brands- these calls do not necessarily have to be handled by call centers.  You can use a single toll free number and route calls to your different locations across the country.  
  • Using 800 vs 877 (or a vanity number) doesn’t make a difference - in the digital marketing environment, it doesn’t matter because people are punching it in and not trying to remember it.  It matters, though, if you’re advertising on TV and radio; then you’ll need something simple.  If you have a vanity number, spell out the number underneath so people don’t have to figure it out. 
  • Use ‘call-friendly’ copy - Indicate why it would be good for the customer to call the number. This shows that you know what people are looking for and that you can match their intent. 
  • Use “Confirm to call” - for AdWords, the pay-per-call model requires a confirmation, an interim step, so inadvertent calling is avoided. 

Analyzing Calls

Call recordings contain a rich set of data that give you a lot of information on how to optimize your advertising campaigns. If you can point out which keywords generate phone calls and which ones drive form fills, you can segregate your visitors into those who are ready to buy and act and those who might need more information. 

If you enable call tracking, you can make your lead scoring and marketing automation more effective. As lead scoring is based on items that you keep track of, like how many times somebody has visited the site or interacted with your site, you will be able to sink your teeth into more details with tracking enabled: customer sentiment, lead quality, sales readiness, close rates, agent performance, and a host of other things. 

Handling Calls

Jason also tackled call handling in the Conversion Smackdown and we recommend watching, but if you just need the distilled points, here’s the short version:

  • Staff to answer the phone - it’s a big mistake to spend a lot on advertising but miss a lot of phone calls coming in. Pick up the phone especially when it’s optimized to marketing and advertising. 
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) - the choice of routing a call to the IVR should be made with the economics of your business, the value of that phone call,  and the cost to handle that phone call in mind.  Customers hate the IVR, but there are plenty of business cases where it makes sense to use the IVR.  There is now a lot of technology now available that make IVR better- makes it sound more human and much more interactive. 
  • Script - this doesn’t mean a memorizing and using the same words every time, but understanding the call flow and the goal of the call. Is it to schedule an appointment, schedule a demo, or to get pricing?  Understand what your objective is and track that to see if you’re hitting it. You can optimize the conversation and the call flow in the same way you optimize a website.
  • Training strategy – Make sure you have a way to train and to listen to those calls. 

Calls are a critical path for many types of purchases, and getting the best practices down will ensure you’re hitting the sweet spot near the bottom of the funnel.

Watch the Conversion Smackdown webinar.