Neil Patel's 11 Obvious A/B Tests You Should Do Today

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Neil Patel is one of the most popular names not just in online testing, but in online marketing. Recently, he and SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash -  who is no slouch on testing himself - held a webinar on the best split tests that businesses should run. The whole thing is packed with strategic and tactical insights for A/B tests, and it’s well worth your time to catch the whole A/B testing webinar, but for those of you who just want the CliffsNotes, here’s a rundown of the key observations.

Sign-Ups and Checkouts

1. Remove form fields. On, there used to be a field for budget and phone number, but Neil and the team hacked away and kept testing until there were just three items left on the first page: first name, email, and URL. They still asked for the phone number, but as a small second step, and the changes increased conversions by 26%.

2. Time-based bonuses. On a sales page Neil once had, he was selling an e-book. He put in two offers: an SEO product for the first 100 to sign up, and an extra SEO product for the first 50. He saw an 11% increase in sign ups, but even when they said the bonus has expired, people would email him to say they would sign up if he gave them the bonus.

3. Button color. Performable (acquired by HubSpot) did a red versus green test on the call-to-action. The colors themselves don’t matter all that much, but the contrast does - how the color stands out from your background or how it blends in. In Performable’s case, there wasn’t very much red on the site, and changing the call-to-action to red boosted click-through rate by 21%.

4. Two-step checkout process. Neil has tested this a lot and has never seen a decrease in conversion rate from it. The rationale is that when people give you a bit of information, they might not want to give you the rest, but when they’ve already given you their name and e-mail, they think they might just as well fill out the rest of the information. Not everyone will complete the 2-step checkout but you should see a 10% lift . 


5. Add the word FREE. When you have ads, just adding FREE can drastically reduce your cost per acquisition (CPA). Treehouse did this and decreased CPA from $60 to $43. Just the same, it’s not a guaranteed win, so it’s perfect for a split test.

6. Free Trial versus Money Back Guarantee. Neil used to believe that the two had no difference until he started testing. He learned that people like the concept of a free trial, and they saw a 116% increase in conversions from the free trial on the front end. There are still drop offs after that, but it doesn’t come with the cost of a money back guarantee.

7. Trial length. It’s a tough balancing act - if your trial is too long, people may not implement your solution, but if your trial period is too short, you might not be giving people enough time to test your product. KISSMetrics tested a 30-day trial length versus a 14-day trial length. While there was no difference in the sign-up rate, KISSMetrics noticed a 102% increase in people who implemented the code for the shorter trial.

8. Adding dollar values. In the sidebar of Neil’s personal blog, Quicksprout, he gave away a course, indicating “Double your traffic in 30 days (valued at $300).” By putting a price tag on a free offer, people were more likely to give away their email, and Neil saw a 22% increase in conversions. 

Landing pages

9. Explainer video. It’s important to test videos because they can have a big impact on conversions, both positive and negative. If you have a service where you need to address the people’s fears or objections to using something, it’s good to test. CrazyEgg increased conversions by 64% when they decided to test an explainer video on their home page.

10. Scrolling sign up button. Obviously, if you have a short page, there’s no need to try this. But if you have a long-form page, this is definitely something to test. Treehouse increased conversions by 138%  by making the sign up button scroll as the visitor scrolls down, removing the friction.

11. Show off your live product. KISSinsights (now Qualaroo) did a quick test showing the product on the home page in a simple area right by sign up, because it’s a quick survey that just pops up. By showing how the product works right there - showing how it works, showing how it’s different from Survey Monkey, etc. - they increased conversion rate by 38%, because people understood what was being offered without having to exert extra effort by signing up.

By reviewing the test types above that apply to your business most, you can create a test plan that prioritizes potential conversion lift and revenue. 

Watch the webinar: 


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