Making Irresistible Offers

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What do we really know about offers? We have the analytics behind our own - and as responsible marketers, we have probably run a test or three to improve conversions on existing ones. But what about new offers? How do we tell that the call-to-action is in the right format, written in the best possible way? 

This is what SiteTuners CEO and SpyFu CEO Mike Roberts answer during the "Language of Compelling Offers" webinar. 

Before they attack the conversion language, Tim covers the offer basics. What is an offer? Is it the item and the price? The unique differentiator? Tim encourages marketers to think of offers as the total solution. Used with known tactics like availability and scarcity, solutions work really well.

Tim tackles clarity, context, affinity, and visuals as they relate to offers, and gives three tips to be more compelling:

1. Experiment with the CTA Format 

  • Shape
  • Dimensionality
  • Color
  • Visual embellishments
  • Size

2. Fonts Matter

  • Use sans serif fonts
  • Avoid all capital letters
  • Minimize reverse color

3. Writing style for longer text

  • Inverted pyramid
  • Brevity
  • Hype-free copy (no marketese)

Mike then tackles what marketers know about the language. There are best practices like immediacy, but Mike explains some of the goals SpyFu and Convertasaurus are trying to do: use data to help make the choices clearer. He cautions against exclamation points, except for very specific use cases. Mike also gives specific examples of variations of “free” and “shipping” details that work best when used on offers. For small variations, he encourages everyone to use the Convertasaurus comparison tool, which pits basic conversion terms against each other using data from a billion ads.

Mike gave the following guidelines when writing a copy:

1. Use words that imply a secret is revealed.
2. Include credibility indicators.
3. Use words to build urgency.
4. Avoid repeated words.
5. Avoid misspellings, including dynamic insertion on misspelled keywords.
6. Avoid use of the word "buy."
7. Avoid company name in your headline (unless you are a major brand).
8. Use digits instead of spelled-out numbers. 

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