Is Usability Too Low a Bar?

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In a recent SiteTuners webinar, SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash invited Motivate Design, a UX and design firm in New York, to talk about freshness and design in today's landscape. Tony Brinton (Experience Design Director of Motivate Design) and Julia Sloan (Senior Experience Designer of Motivate Design) discussed how web sites were initially really about machines and their limitations, and how user experience as applied to web is generally a very young craft. They talked about how since around 2005, web sites have been shifting from things designed around machines, to things designed around people - and what that means for web experience. 

We encourage you to watch the whole webinar as it's an hour well spent, but for everyone else, we want to at minimum leave you the really good questions they ask for digital marketers: 

  • Is usability too low a bar?
  • Is your web site supposed to be useful, or should it try to be delightful?

Social and mobile may be the key agents driving the change, but design paradigms are reacting to the changes - there's an honesty and personality that more web sites are gearing towards, a modern feel that uses human language, sometimes a colloquial, friendly one that you wouldn't see big brands executing only a few years back.

What does that mean for marketers? It means simplicity is even more important now, and storytelling along with all the tools you need - content, context, gradual engagement - are becoming prerequisites to your online presence.

There's a slew of other topics covered, like which parts of the physical world conventions you can bring to digital without going overboard, as well as sample sites that go the second mile to be designed around emotions.

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