Is It Time to Edit Your Page?

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The old greats had it right - writing is rewriting. Sure, they might have been talking about stories, and you might have been thinking about offers, but point still stands: editing is at the heart of the process. 

Words Are Not Created Equal

Some phrases just convert better. What data allows for - more so today than at any other point in history - is we’re able to tell which is which. Take “free,” for instance. It’s a great way to alleviate risks, but in what context does it help, rather than tank, conversions? 

We can tell that “free” helps in the context of shipping, when visitors offered something may not be sure there are no costs; but when things are expected to be free (e.g., trial, demo, sample) the word does not do as well.

Conversion Bouts

Take what can be done with “free” and think about all your CTAs. Does limited supply work better than an “offer valid until” date? When does an exclamation mark express a sense of urgency rather than come across as feigned enthusiasm? 

SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash and SpyFu CEO Mike Roberts explores all this and more during a one hour webinar on the language of compelling offers.  Download the slide deck and watch the webinar on-demand.


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