Highlights of SES Chicago 2012

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SES Chicago wrapped up on Friday, and we’d like to thank everyone who joined Tim at his session. If you missed it, we have the salient points here at the SiteTuners blog. Read on to learn the key takeaways and highlights from SES Chicago.

Alexis Hall has a nice rundown of Tim’s session. Head over there for the details, or check the summary below:

1. Make sharing easy. The key is to put triggers in front of motivated people.

2. Humanize the experience. Human faces are especially salient when it comes to emotional resonance and processing visual content.

3. Demonstrate social proof. Testing shows that showing what other people think of you and your brand in strategic areas of your website is highly influential on conversion rates.

4. Measure everything. - Don’t stop at likes and RTs - include engagement, click-throughs, and message amplification.

5. Fight filtering by using supplementary content. Be everywhere - blog posts, SlideShare, webinar, video, transcripts, eBooks, social sharing.

Tim had a barnburner of a presentation, as you can see from the Twitter reactions: 

In addition, TopRank also has some good coverage on optimization, with a focus on mobile. Head over there for the article (it’s a crisp, quick read), or check out the highlights:

1. Use a responsive design. Users should be able to use the mobile and web versions interchangeably.

2. Test on mobile, learn, repeat. 

3. Customize messaging for mobile. Use a stronger CTA, and tie it to the phone number where possible. 

4. Clearly define mobile KPIs and objectives. Separate them from desktop goals. 

Lastly, ClickZ partnered with Google on mobile marketing – head over to SearchEngineWatch to review how people are measuring, and how people want to measure, on mobile.

That’s our quick recap of the week that was at the SES conference.  We look forward to seeing you again at the conference next year.