Highlights from Conversion Conference Chicago

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Conversion optimization maturity models were big at the Conversion Conference Chicago as both SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash and avast! Senior E-Commerce Specialist (Optimization) Michael Parizek presented two different models. Conversion Scientist Brian Massey captured Michael's presentation in an infograph and also rated his company, Conversion Sciences, against the seven criteria in the model. Jenny DeGraff, on the other hand, blogged live from the event and detailed the stages of the conversion maturity model that Tim Ash talked about during his opening keynote. 

Jenny also summarized Angie Schottmuller’s presentation on making content SEO-friendly, Lance Loveday's infusing user experience to search engine marketing, Zee Aganovic's 10 truths of multi-variate and A/B testing, Chris Goward's three principles to testing better, and Josh Krafchin's getting the most out of confirmation pages.

 Here's a roundup of things that resonated most with the Conversion Conference Chicago attendees: 

1. Analytics

You probably don't need the extra push to start getting tools for the trade, but just in case, here are a few more reasons to pay attention to real-time, and gear up for multivariate tests.

2. Inbound Marketing

From organic to paid search, from page tags to email strategies, Conversion Conference had inbound strategy covered.

3. Social Media

Your social media toolkit needs constant refinements, even more so than search. Conversion Conference covered needs from strategy to execution. 

4. Usability

What's a conference about conversions without a healthy dose of usability and UX? Brush up with these instantly actionable tips: 

If you missed Conversion Conference Chicago, don't fret. We're doing the first ever Conference in Boston on September 30 to October 2. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for updates.