Get Ready for Conversion Conference San Francisco 2014

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It’s really not just true of conversions - when you gather the brightest minds of any field together, you create a spark that’s brighter than what the individual minds can individually ignite. Search engine optimization has SES,  general online marketing has PubCon, testing and CRO have the Conversion Conference.

On March 17 to 19, get ready as Neil Patel, founder of Crazy Egg and KISSMetrics, takes you through the psychology of triggers to convert leads into customers. Prepare as Dennis Yu, founder of Blitzmetrics destroys everything you know about social marketing. Gear up for Dan Siroker, CEO of Optimizely, to take you through learnings from split tests - more specifically, 400,000 split tests. 

New Yok Times Bestselling author Bryan Eisenberg and Online Dialogue Chief Persuasion Officer Bart Schutz are keynoting. Charles Nicholls of SeeWhy will be there. Angie Schottmuller of Three Deep Marketing is going to be in attendance. Adobe is coming. The biggest names in conversion are coming - and that’s the point. We hope you’ll have time as Tim Ash hosts the best in the business for incredible learning.