FREE Webinar with Neil Patel: 11 Obvious A/B Tests You Should Do Today

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It’s 2014. There’s really no excuse to not know how important testing is. Some would go so far as to say there’s no excuse for not running web site tests. The testing tools have become democratized, and you can get many of the tools on the cheap; some of them even come free with your analytics package. 

Running tests correctly … now, that’s another matter entirely. Even experts make testing mistakes, and it can be tough to prioritize what to test, know which elements are worth testing, and ensure that your tests impact the bottom line. 

For that, it helps to pay attention to some of the leaders in the field. 

This Wednesday, you can learn from one of the most recognized faces in online marketing. Neil Patel is known not just for his work on analytics and testing, but for creating startups for marketing that really hit the sweet spot.

Join this free webinar about split tests, and learn how you  can reduce your cost per acquisition (CPA), test the right element in an explainer video, (and kill it!) and get more revenue out of your existing traffic.

Wed, Feb 19, 2014 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

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