Essential Content Marketing Strategies with Joe Pulizzi

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essential content strategies

Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute talked about the importance of content marketing, and how marketing departments are becoming more like publishing departments in the recent SiteTuners webinar. While we recommend you view the whole thing as it’ll be an hour well worth spending, we also bring you the highlights. 

•Search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and social strategies have one thing in common: they need compelling, consistent content

•77% of companies have blogs, but according to an IBM research, 85% of corporate blogs have five posts or less

•When looking for leaders in content marketing, turn to Coca-Cola or Red Bull. “Red Bull is a media company that just happens to sell energy drinks.”

•Most say that the problem is producing enough content, but the real challenge is creating a content marketing mission first and then thinking about all the different channels marketing teams will use to distribute the story

•Big mistake: we talk about ourselves and our products, but people don’t want to hear about our products, customers want to hear about their pain points

•Content marketing trend: it’s not about the product, it’s about being a true content resource

Story explosion: think about the story first, then how the story can explode in different channels

Chief Content Officer: someone needs to oversee and champion all content, but that person isn’t necessarily a new position, but a key function within marketing

Brandscaping: leveraging non-competitive partners and their networks

Thanks to all who attended. If you missed it, view the webinar.