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If you read e-commerce guru Amy Africa’s QLOG, you’ll have to note how she manages to come up with interesting headlines, talk about what the headlines promise, then spin that off into something e-commerce related.  

In an article titled “Never Befriend A Man Named Hussein,” Amy talks about self-fulfilling prophecies that  online marketers commit, and how they can be addressed:

  • Low Adoption to Cart (ATC) Rate - make sure you have CTAs that pop and remind visitors to place the order
  • High Abandoned Cart Rate – ensure distractions are kept to a minimum, and that you have other ways to order
  • High Bounce Rate – make sure search terms and other discovery methods are aligned to the content, so the audience intent and the site goals match
  • Truncated Strategy – ensure you have a plan for a range of devices
  • Weak/ Non-Existent Transfer – make sure that when carts are abandoned on mobile, visitors get transferred to a service representative
  • Email Deliverability Issues – don’t mix and match hot lead emails with follow up emails confirming opt-outs and hard bounces

There’s more where that came from. Listen through 34 more of those (in an hour!) in a free SiteTuners webinar with Amy Africa, hosted by Tim Ash. 

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