Conversion Conference San Francisco 2013 Takeaways

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Thanks to everyone who joined us at Conversion Conference San Francisco. If you missed it, here's a roundup of reactions and takeaways from the event, culled from the conference tweet stream:


There's plenty to learn about the cognitive aspect of online sales. From the number of choices to present to the art of presenting at the right moment, from the benefits of anchoring to the science of making decisions, the speakers covered a lot of ground.


























Conversion Design

Likewise, there are tactical takeaways for a range of sites. Immediately actionable tips include limiting form fields, choosing readability over aesthetics, making choices clearly distinct, and improving visuals by removing stock photography. 





























For those looking for mobile learnings, there are some great nuggets. For instance, when marketers talk about creating consistently great experiences for users across a range of devices, it's branding that needs to be consistent - not interaction design or web functions.











Social Conversions 

There's handful of speakers who tackled email, advertising, and social conversions. Key observations include using video to improve click-through rate on email campaigns, and click-through trends for social and search.




The next Conversion Conference is a couple of months out, but there's an array of things to plan for, a range of  things to edit, a plenty things of things to test before then.

Catch the leaders in conversion next at the Conversion Conference Chicago on June 11-13, 2013. Check out the agenda.