Amy Africa’s 5 Ingredients to the E-commerce Magic Formula

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In a recent SiteTuners webinar, e-commerce guru Amy Africa talked about sure-fire tips to increase e-commerce sales. The webinar was jampacked, but she highlighted five things that every online marketer should have down pat. The first two are key to ensuring better user sessions, the latter three pertinent to creating a sound web strategy.

1. Visual Match

Over 55 to 58% of the brain is dedicated to visual processing power. Web users need to see it to think it, feel it, and believe it - that is why the visual match is critical.  They decide to stay or leave a page in about three seconds by looking at images to see if they’re at the right place. The landing page is the jump page; success is highly dependent on the match. If the page is just text with no graphics, the visual match is zero, and the user will bounce or leave within the first three or four pages. 

2. Word Connect

Relative to the human brain, words haven’t been around for very long, so the brain is ill-equipped to decode words quickly. Words to the brain are cryptic, and they slow down the process of action – that’s something you don’t want on the web. Marketers need to make word connect visual, so users don’t have to think. Check what the users are looking for and what the connect is. Change the words in your PPC and landing pages to words that your audience uses. Also, make your ad copy consistent with your landing page copy. 

3. Views, NOT Pages

Users see things in views, not pages. Every screen is a view, and every view must be able to stand on its own - it must have a good picture, an action directive, a good message about what the action is. It must give the user an idea of what site they’re at.  Some users will scroll, but 84% of the attention is on the first view. What they see first will have the heaviest impact. 

4. Action Directives 

With action directives, bigger is better and more is merrier.  The language and size of the buttons, the number of buttons that you have, and the ease that users can put items into the cart, make a big difference. Make shopping carts perpetual - three to four perpetual carts per page depending on the length of the page - because the more you ask for the user’s order, the more chances you’ll get it. 

5. Deadlines

Deadlines create urgency and cause people to focus.  The best deadlines are short and expressed in number of days (rather than a set date). If you don’t have an offer, find a find to create deadline anyway –limited time, limited availability, something new, or something you want people to look at immediately. 

Again, the webinar is teeming with useful nuggets. It’s an hour well spent viewing, but in case you just have time for the cliffnotes version, stay tuned for the rest of Amy’s practical tips on navigation, search, checkout, content, pop-ups, video, and remarketing programs. 

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