6 Tools for Optimizing Your Copy, Content and Headlines

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6 Tools for Optimizing Copy Content and Headlines

Do a Google search for "landing page templates" and you'll find upwards of 2.5 million results at your fingertips. But effectively optimizing your website involves far more than plugging in a pre-fab template. The fact is, in many cases you can make bigger gains in conversion by optimizing your site's content, copy and headlines.

Fortunately, there are some great tools that can help you get started on this critical aspect of your digital marketing effort.

Boost CTR

PPC, meet crowd sourcing. BoostCTR has 500+ copywriters who literally compete to see if they can rewrite your ads so that they perform better than what you're running. The concept is brilliant: you simply sign up and submit one or more ad groups that need improvement. Their expert writers then compete against each other to beat your top performing ads. Only if they do will you pay Boost CTR a small commission.

There's a lot to love about this model, including the simple process, affordable cost and amount of time it can save a PPC manager. But most notable to me is that CTR and conversion improvements on winning ads average around 30 percent.


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Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Tool

Most marketers know that connecting with customers on an emotional level is a key driver to increased sales and loyalty. But how do you know when you're hitting the mark?

The folks at Advanced Marketing Institute have created an algorithm to evaluate the emotional marketing value (EMV) of headlines. Their free Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer will give your headline an EMV score based on the number of emotional words it contains in relation to the total words. You'll also find out what type of emotions your headline evokes: intellectual, empathetic or spiritual.


How many times have you heard "content marketing is king?" But the fact remains, many businesses still have a hard time generating quality, valuable content for their audience. Enter Scripted, which offers access to more than 80,000 freelance writers who can be sourced to create engaging Facebook and blog posts, lively tweets, informative pages and papers, or dynamic video scripts on any topic imaginable.

Start off by selecting the topic to focus on, and then provide keywords that should be included in the content. Their super-simple pricing model allows you to pick and choose what you need, from a $2 tweet to a $299 white paper. Writers will even help you generate timely topics for your blog so you don't have sweat the details.

Test My Marketing

Ever wish you had a bigger team to bounce ideas off of? Or have you gotten so close to your product or service that it's hard to tell if you're ads are communicating effectively? Test My Marketing solves those problems by giving you access to a team of marketing experts to review your advertising and marketing messages with an "outside" perspective.

For $69, you can upload any marketing piece, from blog posts to banner ads, landing pages and more. Your marketing message will be shown to several marketing experts who will critique it and make suggestions on specific improvements they think will make it perform better. Test My Marketing's website even provides full transparency so you can feel confident in the quality of their experts - something that is not very common in the crowd-sourcing world.

Wordcounter & Live Keyword Analysis

Word Counter is useful for anyone who wants to check the quality of their writing because it evaluates text for redundancy and repetitiveness for copywriters, and keyword stuffing for SEOs. Wordcounter ranks the most frequently used words in any given body of text to avoid overuse for copy writers, editors and conversion rate optimizers and helps to find keywords from a document, a useful tool for online marketers hoping to improve their SEO.

The Live Keyword Analysis tool is designed so that you can refine a body of text to make it match a desired keyword density. Start by entering up to three keywords you would like to optimize for, as well as the relative frequency at which you'd like the word to appear in the text. Then paste your content into the text box and the tool will automatically calculate the ratio of each of your keywords. You can then make adjustments right in the text box to adjust the density of each word until you reach the right balance.

Bonus Tool: Conversion Ninja Toolbox

All the tools above can help you develop and optimize the content and headlines you use in your digital marketing. But if you're the kind of person who always wants more, you'll want to bookmark a new site called Conversion Ninja Toolbox, a free online directory of conversion rate optimization resources ranging from mockup and design tools to a/b and multivariate testing platforms. Essentially every step of the conversion optimization process is covered, along with user ratings and comments. (Disclosure: SiteTuners created the Conversion Ninja Toolbox.) 

Are there other copy, content and headline tools you've found helpful? Share your favorites in the comments!


Want more Conversion Copywriting Tips?

Watch a free on demand training with veteran copywriter Barry Feldman. View Copy, Conversions & Your Customer's Comfort Zone Here