3 Strategies, 3 Tactics: Plan for Your 2013 Holiday Traffic in Under 10 Minutes

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It’s crunch time. Twenty to 40 percent of the annual income for retailers comes from the holiday season, and if you haven’t fortified your plans yet, you need to do that right now. At minimum, you need to have a plan for each stage:

1.Show up. Plan your keyword bids ahead, drop keywords that do not perform well during holidays, and prepare your email and social media campaigns beforehand.
2.Prepare for the traffic. Make sure your servers can handle the extra traffic, ensure that your ads tie into relevant landing pages, and keep mobile and desktop visits separate experiences dedicated to the relevant tasks.
3.Have a backup plan. You’re not going to convert everyone, but just because they leave doesn’t mean your cause is lost:

a.Segment the people who leave, and chase after the hottest leads.
b.If you have their email, nudge them before the lead goes cold.
c.If you don’t have their email, ask for it if they exit your cart.
d.Have a retargeting plan, but not for everyone.

That covers broad strokes. Given how close the holidays are, though, you’ll also want to make sure you have the tactical stuff down, too. Let’s get to it.

Speed is of the Essence

And not just page speed - think of the overall task visitors will want to do, think of the things that can take a while like making them register to purchase from you, and eliminate all the steps you can. The fewer steps on the checkout, the better off everyone will be. Of course, it still helps that you minify those JavaScripts and keep your content management system humming, to speed things up at the page level.

Cut It Out

Think of the elements that you need to present your visitors, and no more. Visitors need to see social proof and authority symbols to know you’re safe to transact with. They need to see the distinct navigation elements to find the product they need. They require a clear call-to-action to know what to interact with, and you need them to see the persuasion elements. Anything else on top of that? Clutter. Get rid of it.

Design for Priority

Professional design may sound subjective, but if you limit the number of choices to a few distinct categories, have a few set layouts that follow web conventions, and keep things predictable, you should already be along this path anyway. Make sure you know what the visitor tasks are, and use the F pattern to prioritize how you display things.

Get Cracking

It’s crunch time. Take the quickest fixes from the list above, and get cooking. 

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